After more than 20 years in the NYC photo world as a Photo Editor, Director of Photography & Art Buying and a photographer, I wanted to circle around to what I originally set out to do when I went to grad school – teach!  I couldn’t have landed in a better place – the program in Advertising Photography at Rochester Institute of Technology. 

It’s the end of my second year, and R.I.T’s first year on the semester system.  A bit like Groundhog Day – new systems, new schedules made it feel a bit like it did last year, a little new and strange…This semester I’m teaching three new (to me) courses  – Ad Photo II, Ad + Design & The Referential Image along with 3 independent studies.  Its been a busy year and an exciting one as well.

On this blog you will find my CV, News (both my own and others), projects and the work of my super talented, hard working students.  They will be the shooters, producers, stylists, art directors and things we haven’t even thought of … of the future.

Part of teaching is continuing to grow and push oneself as an artist.  I’m really enjoying the opportunity to begin playing more in my work next year by this time expect to have some new work solidly underway.  Many thanks to PDN for choosing this photograph as one of its  2013 Objects of Desire images…

© Susan McWhinney

© Susan McWhinney